You Are A Busy Woman Desperate To Discover Why You’ve Got No Energy, Are Constantly Tired And Can’t Seem To Shift Those Stubborn LB's

Despite 'Cutting Down' And Watching What You Eat


I know because I've been there. I'm Angela Ross and the first thing you need to know about me is I'm not a 'fitness freak', I love my food and I hate diets

I'm going to tell you in just a minute how a 'gym-phobe' like me stumbled across how to reduce your waistline without having to spend hours working out whilst being able to eat more than just boring old lettuce

Weight Gain, Tiredness, Mood Swings, Low Self Esteem And Zero Sex Drive Has Left You Feeling Frustrated And Fed Up

And You Just Don’t Know What To Do About It

It seems like the more you try to lose weight the harder it gets and you’re not quiet sure what’s the best way to shift those stubborn lbs

The more you ‘try’ to diet the worse your cravings get

With so much diet mis-information out there I’m not surprised you’re confused

“Eat this Don’t Eat That”….

It’s an absolute minefield out there but don’t worry as Physique Boot Camp has THE Weight Loss Solution you have been searching for

"Physique Boot Camp Has Developed A Proven Weight Loss Program That’s More Effective Than Anything You’ve Ever Tried Before"

A Weight Loss Solution That Will Put And End To Your Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

Our Tried And Tested SHAPETM Lifestyle Program Has Helped 100’s Of Frustrated Women

Just Like You Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Good

We Are Not Your Average Boot Camp, we are run by women for women…You won’t find any sweaty men here ☺

One of the reasons I created a woman only zone was to give you a female friendly place where you wouldn’t feel intimidated by the opposite sex

A place where women could hang out, share their experiences and feel comfortable on their weight loss journey

Just like most women our team of coaches have had a love hate relationship with their bodies, they’ve all struggled with their weight in the past too and have been where you are now

They too had low self esteem, were frustrated with how they looked and lacked confidence when they signed up to join our program, so they know exactly what struggles you’re going through.

Their increased confidence and self-esteem led them to retrain and become a part of our fabulous team to help you on your journey

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Our SHAPETM Lifestyle Program isn’t just about weight loss, in fact you will discover that the weight isn’t that magic key that you thought would make you happy

We help you focus on the lifestyle changes needed to look, feel and move better

The Key To A Healthy Lifestyle Is Happiness

If You’re Not Happy With How You Look It’s Time To Make A Change ☺

We only work with women who really want to make those changes, women who are ready to commit to a lifestyle change, women who are sick and tired of endless diets and who really want our help

If You’re Looking For A Quick Fix Or A Come As You Go ‘Class’ Then We’re Definitely Not For You

“Have you ever wondered why your friends can eat
whatever they like and still don’t put weight on?

Yet you just have to look at that that bar of chocolate and gain 5lb’s?

It sucks right?”

By applying our SHAPETM Lifestyle Program you will discover how you can ‘have your cake and eat it’ without damaging all your hard work. We even have a secret recipe for some tasty clean chocolate

It’s likely you’ve noticed that since turning a ‘certain age’ you’ve found that your waistline has got a little thicker and you can’t shift that little tyre from around your middle

Hormones have a huge part to play in the distribution of fat on a women’s body but by adopting our ninja tactics you will be able to fire up your fat burning furnace and shed those stubborn lbs

How would you like to lose up to 13lbs and be wearing a smaller clothes size but more importantly be able to look in the mirror and like what you see?

Our nutrition plan is specifically designed to maximize weight loss without you having to weigh foods, count points, sins or calories

Nutrition is KEY for burning excess fat from your body and you may find you’re eating even more than you do right now

How would you like to see a decrease cravings and an increase in your energy levels

Feeding your body with the correct foods will combat those cravings and put an end to those late afternoon energy slumps

You will never have to face those diet demons on your own

Our support network means that you have access to our team of coaches at each and every step of your journey

Imagine if you never had to set foot in the gym again

Our outdoor training sessions are specifically designed to tone those troublesome areas and super charge your energy levels. Training outdoors might be the only time you actually spend outside in the fresh air, it really does help your mental clarity

You will discover that you are not alone

You will be quickly become friends with other members who signed up to change their body shape and who want to feel great too

Just some of the benefits you can expect working with our team

A Reduction In Your Weight Especially From THOSE ‘Stubborn Area’s Like Your Tummy, Hips and Thighs

An Increase In Your Energy Levels

Less Mood Swings

Better Sleep Quality

Learn How To Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Increased Confidence

Less Joint Pain

Be Able To Wear Nicer Clothes

Increased Mobility

Make New Friends

Get Your Mojo Back In The Bedroom

I’m Guessing If You’ve Read This Far You Really Want Our Help

But we really need to make sure that you are indeed ready to start your journey to a new you

That’s why we are the ONLY weight loss program in the area that require you to complete an application prior to joining us

Why Would We Do This?

Because we only want to work with women who are ready to commit to a lifestyle change

Women who are sick and tired of endless diets and who really want our help

We will help you unleash those diet demons and show you how to avoid the pitfalls you came across when you’ve previously tried to lose weight

We will help you discover the reason behind your weight gain and how to address it but furthermore you will learn how to manage your weight without feeling like you’re being deprived

Our no nonsense SHAPETM Lifestyle Program has been specifically designed for busy women who don’t have time to workout for an hour each day or spend hours slaving away in the kitchen

You will be mentored through every step of the program by our team of coachesto ensure you avoid all those pitfalls that led to your weight gain in the past


That’s How Confident We Are In Our Program

The ball’s at your feet now, It’s time to make a decision as to whether you’re happy as you are or you would like to lose that stubborn weight that’s been making you unhappy for so long

If Nothing Changes….Nothing Changes!

If you’re really ready to make that lifestyle change and would like to be considered to join our program
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We only take a limited number of new applicants each month

"If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes"


I’m Angela Ross, founder of Physique Boot Camp

I’m also a mum of 2 and grandmother to the beautiful baby Annabelle

Like most women I’ve struggled with my weight since I was in my teens, I battled with an eating disorder for a just over a decade from my early twenties. It was one of the reasons I took the decision to train as a health and fitness coach, that and the fact I didn’t seem to be able to get the answers I was looking for

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with 1000’s of women who’ve all had a common goal, ‘To Feel Good About Themselves’

Whilst losing weight seems like the one thing that may make you happy quite often there are more issues that need to be addressed and that’s where our SHAPE Lifestyle Program fits in

We mentor you through the entire process from applied nutrition to stress management

Helping you understand the why your body reacts the way it does to certain situations and why you struggle to lose weight

The journey to ‘Feeling Good’ starts here

Angela xx

The South West’s Leading Weight Loss Specialist
Creator of SHAPE Lifestyle Program
Co Creator of 30 Days Of Fat Loss Program

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Tel: 07966 373606

Physique Boot Camp covering the Andover, Amesbury, Bulford, Larkhill, Salisbury and Tidworth area